Appolia Cookware Black lid Round Casserole - 500015001


Black lid Round Casserole | Appolia Cookware - with generous shapes and sleek lines.

The original shapes designed by the designer Jacky LE FAUCHEUR make them a useful and a beautiful objects that enhance your table.

Tip : the back lid rests horizontally on your work-top which can help you preparing your recipes or simply can be useful to put on your kitchenware or cookware.

 Lamb stew, beef bourguignon,etc...fully enjoy slow cooking and flavours using the Appolia Cookware.. 

Freezer safe - Oven safe - Dishwasher safe - Microwave safe - Food safe

***For domestic use only


  • made in Brittany, France
  • round casserole available in 3 sizes (1.5 L, 3.1 L, 5.2 L) 
  • black base with various colors of covers
  • high quality ceramic cookware
  • flameproof bodyoven and freezer safe
  • works on all hobs and heat sources EXCEPT induction
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • even heat distribution
  • specific handles improve grip
  • extra wide knob provides stabililty when placed upside down 

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