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Cedarlane Culinary Improved Sousvide Supreme Vacuum Sealer-SVV-00300

Improved Sousvide Supreme Vacuum Sealer

Improved Sousvide Supreme Vacuum Sealer VS3000 is designed specifically to prepare food for sous vide cooking, but also works as an everyday sealer for packaging any food to retain freshness. It features easy touch-top activation - simply push down to start sealing. The vacuum sealer also features a user-friendly control panel with various settings that can be customized by type of food - dry or moist, normal or gentle - to ensure ease-of-use and sealing success. Proper vacuum sealing prevents food shrinkage and locks in nutrients and flavor. The elimination of air from the pouch also allows for efficient heat transfer when cooking sous vide.


  • Easy to use method of preparing sous vide meals
  • Multiple settings for vacuum or basic seal
  • Seals food efficiently to keep it fresh longer
  • Can be used to secure items for travel
  • Vacuum Sealer with 12 cooking pouches

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