Chroma Type 301 Utility Knife-PO-19

Chroma Type 301 Utility Knife

Chroma Type 301 utility knife design by F.A. Porsche Utility Knife 120mm PO-19 

An indispensable small peeling and cutting knife. 

This knife fits into the Chroma Knife Safe Pro Knife Guard KS02. 

F.A. Porsche worked alongside the famous Austrian chef Joerg Woerther to create a modern masterpiece, its ergonomic handle is just one of the reasons this knife has won countless awards. The handle of the Type 301 by F.A. Porsche is constructed of 18/0 stainless steel, and the blade is made of high-quality Japanese 301 steel. The blade of each knife is carefully sharpened by the hand of a knife master and a special grinding method is used, so the knife stays sharp longer and is easier to sharpen in the kitchen. 

Please note the following instructions to ensure the knife remains in optimum condition for years to come: 

- Never place the knife in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry after every use. 
- Regularly sharpen the knife using the original Type 301 whetstone. Under no circumstances should a sharpening steel be used, as it will damage the blade. 


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