Imperial Spherificator Automatic Edible Food Pearl/Caviar Former-IMP-SPH

Automatic Edible Food Pearl/Caviar Former

Bring your dinner parties to the next level with the Spherificator. It allows you to turn virtually any liquid into caviar-shaped pearls. 

The Spherificator is the world's first Automatic Edible Food Pearl/Caviar Former - a hand-held device that will produce up to 10kg of pearls every day. This is a great tool for foodies, chefs, bartenders, and anyone who loves to entertain!

Amaze your friends with your ability to harness the reverse spherification technique with ease. For you gastronomists who have already tried this, say goodbye to your syringes as the Spherificator makes the process incredibly fast and consistent.

  • Turn Any Food Into Caviar - Shaped Pearls

  • Easy to Use & Clean - Up to 200 ml (7oz) Capacity

  • Variable Speed Control

  • 3 Nozzle Sizes - Very Light & Silent

  • Requires electricity - 1 x 110v power plug included

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