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Kalorik Red High Heat Stone Pizza Oven-PZM 43618

High Heat Stone Pizza Oven

Authentic, brick-oven style pizza made at home in minutes. The dual heating elements and built-in baking stone guarantee a crispy crust and perfectly melted finish every time. From Chicago style deep dish to classic New York thin crust, the adjustable temperature control provides a variety of pizza types to try. Capture the brick-oven pizza experience right in your kitchen with the KALORIK Red Hot Stone Pizza Oven.

  • Ideal for all frozen, pre-baked or fresh dough pizzas, maximum diameter 12.6 in.

  • Removable oven stone bakes pizza evenly and crisp, has convenient side handles for serving

  • Preheating function

  • Upper and lower heating elements

  • 4-position heating element dial (off, upper, lower, dual)

  • Variable temperature control up to 625°F to 680°F

  • Large glass window for viewing

  • Includes pizza cutter and metal serving paddles

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